The Nanoforge is a 3D printer that allows players to combine blueprints and raw materials to create parts for their drones and other gameplay items. All players have access to the Nanoforge, but using it incurs an associated electricity cost (in FCOIN) to operate.

The type and quantity of raw materials required to craft a drone part vary based on the specific part. You can view this information by owning the blueprint for the part and selecting it within the Nanoforge. Additionally, when viewing the blueprint from the Nanoforge, you can see the cost and the time it will take to complete the job.

Here is an in-game preview of the Nanoforge being utilised to craft drone parts:

How to: Craft using the Nanoforge

  1. Select the Nanoforge from the menu.
  2. Click New Job.
  3. Select the Blueprint.
  4. If you have all the materials then you can click Add to Nanoforge to start the job.
  5. After the elapsed time have passed for the specific job, the item will be dropped in your inventory.

Once you have enough parts to create a Tactical Drone you can make your way to the Drone Hangar to assemble your drone.